Zenith Design System


June 2021 - November 2022

Information Architecture


UX Manager & Platform Strategist


Project Lead & Design System Architect

Tools & Technology

XD & Outsystems

A fully themeable design system that was initially created for an enterprise platform. Went on to be expanded upon so that it could be used by any project that the company took on.

Design Goal

Development teams are tasked with creating intuitive user experiences consistent across the platform. Presently, there is a lack of consistency between created mockups and executed designs, as well as a lack of continuity throughout the platform.

How can we empower teams to meet platform standards better and deliver the best UX possible?


The reason for the lack of consistency is that there is no onboarding or training process for individuals coming in. In addition, there is no central location where best practices are documented and shared.

If teams were to have the information and guidance needed, we would see an increase in consistency across the platform.

The reason why repeat functionality exists within the platform is that teams were unaware that the tools they needed already existed.

Problem Statements

Throughout the company, there are the following:

a lack of design resources available for individual project teams

repeat functionality and UI Elements being built

a lack of resources to resolve problems previously solved by others

a lack of clearly defined standards and best practices

Within the platform, there are the following:

a lack of time and resources devoted to maintaining and implementing a design system (both in design and development)

a lack of knowledge on how to use the design system

a lack of clearly defined best practices for UI design and front-end implementation

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