HEALS Health Application


August 2020 - May 2021

Application Prototype


Design Research Assistant


UI/UX Designer & Front-end Developer

Tools & Technology

Adobe XD & Nuxt.JS

Worked to develop a health application prototype with a team of researchers. Application designed for user testing and proof of concWept. Developed and executed design research methodology to aid in UI/UX design development.

Design Goal

Individuals with diabetes are given guidelines to follow to help live a healthier lifestyle; however, those guidelines are often difficult to understand and are not accompanied by information regarding how to better adhere to them.

How do we help individuals with diabetes to lead a healthier lifestyle?


Individuals with diabetes are not adhering to the necessary health guidelines

Part of the reason why people do not follow the guidelines is because they do not know how

Presently, if an individual with diabetes wants to receive custom guidance on how to better adhere to the necessary guidelines, they need to go to a nutritionist or an expert.

People do not go to nutritionists because of the high cost.

If people had custom guidance, they would follow it

XD Prototype Embed